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Since Bart’s bleak prognosis in October 2011, thanks to this diet, he survived for another healthy and vibrant four years. We said goodbye in March of 2016 due to crippling arthritis, and as far as I am aware, the cancer never returned.

I am not a medical professional. I am not related to the veterinary field at all.  I am simply a dog guardian who happened to discover Sept. 2011, that my dog had an aggressive form of cancer.  Histiocytic sarcoma.  My options at the veterinary surgeon’s office were to do nothing or to give my dog chemo.  The prospects of both were extremely bleak, so I decided to do my own research and find an alternative.

What I discovered is amazing and vast as far as alternative treatments go.  Since the 1930s scientists have known that cancer cannot thrive in bodies that are alkaline rather than acidic.  Most of us and our pets inhabit highly acidic bodies because of the foods we do and do not choose to eat. *  The first thing I did for my dog was get him off of his commercial food – even though it was a very good food you can only buy in the specialty pet stores – and I began to make his meals myself.  Most healthy dogs will do well on a raw meat diet, but my dog, being a cancer patient needed extra cautionary measures.  I sought the advice of my regular vet, who has known Bart his whole life,  and she suggested that I begin cooking him meals of 50% meat and 50% vegetables. The food should be thoroughly cooked due to his already compromised immune system.  Knowing I wanted to approach his condition holistically through diet, she did a lot of research for me and helped kick start a regimen that has shown wonderful results.  I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful doctor to consult. I honestly believe my dog is happier now than he’s been his whole life.  He’s still very active, playful and has a voracious appetite.

(People using diet to fight cancer, must eliminate all meat and dairy from their diet. Dr. Leonard Coldwell details this in his book, The Only Answer to Cancer.)

Vegetables and Meats I Feed My Dog.
Ground Beef
Ground Turkey
lots of carrots
peas (these have a bit more carbs than some other veggies so I don’t put them in every batch we make)
frozen greens. They can be kale, spinach, collard greens, mixed greens.
green beans
cauliflower (only occassionally as too much for too long can cause thyroid issues)
broccoli (occassionally as too much for too long can cause thyroid issues)
turmeric – which is highly touted as a great anti-tumor, cancer combatant food.  (Be sparing, your dog may not like the flavor of the turmeric and you don’t want to throw out  a whole batch of food because he won’t eat it with a spice in it.)
scrambled eggs (scrambled with whole milk yogurt from Whole Foods)
Whole Milk Yogurt
plain kefir
olive oil
unrefined coconut oil
(there are other veggies but these are the main ones we use the most)



There are three supplemental treatments I am using beyond basic supplements which I listed in complete on my “Buy Supplements” page.  I consider Essiac and B17 absolutely crucial to his strong health and longevity. The Carnivora has been said to be most promising with sarcoma type cancers, which is the kind Bart was diagnosed with.

Each of the following are linked to order pages you may use if you like,  I am not affiliated with all of these brands or companies however, I do get a small commission from Apricot Power.  (Click on highlighted word to go to a website that provides each item.)

Essiac Tea 

Vitamin B-17


Disclaimer: For educational purposes only.  It is not to be construed as medical advice.  Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the United States.  Consult the healer of your choice for medical care and advice.


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  1. Vegetables and Meats I Feed My Dog.

    It’s really helpful to have a list of options to feed your dog when preparing his or her meals to rid the cancer from the body. It is also really important to do a lot of research before you feed your pet any vegetables we aren’t used to seeing our pets eat. I have read extensively that the cruciferous vegetables have the greatest anti-cancer, and cancer fighting properties. This means, broccoli, cauliflower, (Use these two sparingly, if your dog has thyroid issues, they could be harmful to him. And feeding a dog without thyroid problems broccoli or cauliflower too often can eventually cause thyroid issues) brussel sprouts, kale and collard greens (there are others in this class of veggies but I don’t know if they are safe to give your dog.) The few I’ve mentioned above are some foods I know that your dog can eat.

    I often make batches of food like this in a large cast-iron, ceramic cooking surface, dutch oven. Cook it on medium heat until all the meat is thoroughly cooked and the veggies are soft. (AS MUCH ORGANIC AS POSSIBLE) This usually gives me about five days of food for my guy. I freeze half so I know it’s all still healthy and fresh when he gets to the bottom of the batch:

    3 large sweet potatoes, peeled and finely shredded. (You can use a food processor, I happen to use a Salad Shooter someone gave me for Christmas.) Removing the sweet potatoes and replacing with carrots. Just read that high carbs are bad for cancer diets.

    A head of cauliflower, shredded (remember to use this sparingly, and avoid all together if your dog has thyroid issues.)

    A few pounds of grated carrots – maybe 2 or 3 pounds

    A bag of frozen peas (He loves peas!) but you should mash them up when they are soft for digestion

    A bag of frozen blue leaf kale

    A pound or more of ground turkey

    Two chicken breasts

    Two talapia fillets

    A pound or two of boneless skinless chicken thigh meat Also elliminating this from his diet, replacing with lean organic beef.

    Spice it with a little turmeric which is highly touted as a great anti-tumor, cancer combatant food. (Be sparing, your dog may not like the flavor of the turmeric and you don’t want to throw out a whole batch of food because he won’t eat it with a spice in it.)

    (I boil the chicken in a separate pan from the rest of the food – to make a delicious pure broth that helps me to get him to drink his Essiac down. Then I add the chicken after I shred it, into the large pot of food.)

    I also give him 3 scrambled eggs every other evening to help keep his weight up.
    His other food is very lean, so it takes a lot to ensure he’s getting enough calories.

    I’ve varied this list up. Sometimes I use broccoli instead of kale, or string beans instead of peas. I’ve used brussel sprouts and collard greens and frozen chopped spinach too. Luckily he has loved all of his meals. I think the ground turkey, talapia and chicken are the main draw.

    Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the United States. Consult the healer of your choice for medical care and advice.

  2. Thanks for stopping by – I wish you luck with this treatment. I will check back to see how things are going. I used Dr Charles Loops DVM a homeopathic vet to treat my cat with cancer and he was cancer free in months. Dr Loops also has a web site and does phone consults.

  3. Welcome!

    This site has been created to help anyone interested in living a long fulfilling life. Cancer is one of the most common health risks — according to the reports there have been over 1,5 million new cancer cases in the USA alone in 2011. Both men and women are equally exposed to danger.
    Main causes of cancer are carcinogens, and there are many natural carcinogens. Carcinogens exist in multitude of forms: aflatoxin grows in fungus emerging on grains, nuts and peanut butter, dioxine, asbestos and others.

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  4. Once my dog was diagnosed with cancer, we went totally heliolithic with her food and I’m excited to have found your article. I have ordered the B-17, and apricot kernels. I really would like to know if your dog is now cancer free and how long did it take? I also would like to know if you gave your dog cancer medication along with your daily regiment.

    Old Girl

    • Hi Lori- I would love to know what heliolithic means. Also tell me more about your dog and situation. Was this a recent development? I wish you much success with her health. Please keep in touch!

      As for Bart, I don’t know if he is cancer free. I asked my vet if they could do a blood test on him, but they told us the only way to determine would be to do an ultrasound. We may schedule one, but for now, he has lived well for 7 months post surgery and according to the oncologist, he only had 3 months. I haven’t given him any cancer medication, only herbs, whole foods and supplements. I’m working on making a website so that we can have a community of people sharing ideas and tips back and forth in a forum. It is called I have a bit to go with it yet, but I’m in a learning process at the moment.

      • I should have mentioned that I purchased the 100mg tablets. I am mot sure how many to give my dog. Do you have info on how many tabs to give?

      • Hi Faith. According to Apricot Power one seed is about 20 mgs, so if your dog is 25 pounds I believe two and a half seeds would translate to about 50mgs. We used to cut pills in half for Bart depending on the dosage and what he needed. I used a knife and guessed the middle and did my best not to cut myself, ;). Best of luck to you!

      • I am also wondering about the B17 dosage, not the kernels. Can you tell me how much to give a 25 lb boston terrier with MCT? The B17 is 100 mg. Thanks!

      • I’m copying and pasting what I shared with another who recently contacted me about her dog the same size: “I have attached the FAQ page from Apricot Power to help you answer that question. They advise 1 seed for every ten pounds of body weight.

        According to Apricot Power one seed is about 20 mgs, so if your dog is 25 pounds I believe two and a half seeds would translate to about 50mgs. We used to cut pills in half for Bart depending on the dosage and what he needed. I used a knife and guessed the middle and did my best not to cut myself, ;).” Best of luck to you!

  5. I would like to apologize I meant HOLISTIC, do you know if it’s safe to give your dog raw collard-greens? I feed Heidi raw turkey or lamb meat mixed with raw veggies, like carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, dried cranberries, some beans, and sprouts. I’m going to start adding all the veggies that are high in B-17 too.
    Heidi developed a small bump on her left lip and my vet removed it, but not before advising me that if it comes back it is most likely cancer. Well it did come back and I did not have my vet send it for a biopsy. I felt that if it’s cancer I would deal with it and start doing everything possible for her to get rid of it. We have removed the tumor twice and it still has come back again, so we knew at that point the surgery would not work and it would be very bad to put her through that again. It just makes the cancer spread faster. We have her on a low dosage cancer medication because she has now developed a small tumor in her bladder now and it is starting to block her urethra to be able to urinate. I’m hoping and prying that the B-17 and the apricot seeds will make a difference to help heal her or prolong her life and shrink the tumor in her bladder.

    • Hi Lori-

      I totally understand about not wanting to go through another surgery. After what Bart endured, we knew there was no way we could put him through that again. It’s so traumatic for them. The benefit of having it tested is to know what kind of cancer it is so you can vary your treatment based on this knowledge, but I wonder if it will matter in the long run, as long as you are totally strict about what she does and doesn’t eat.

      I was advised to cook the meats and veggies for Bart because he has a compromised immune system due to the cancer. That is the reason we add supplements.

      Have you asked your vet to help you develop an ideal diet for Heidi? I was really lucky that my favorite Dr. at our vet is open to natural medicine, so she did some research for me and through her I mostly follow the advice of Dr. Olgilvie and Susan Wynn: see this site

      Here are a few things I learned on my own, only unfiltered pure olive oil is ideal. Whole Foods 365 brand sells some that is not terribly expensive. Other filtered oils are often cut with the less desirable oils like canola or corn or other. Those other oils cause cancer. Secondly I strongly believe in the Essiac Tea regimen. This site sells it in bulk, the best price I could find online and it has lasted me maybe six months and I still have a lot left.

      Another thing you can try is Pure Noni Juice. I buy mine from a health food store in the city. It’s pricey, but if you read about it you might want to include it. We mix it in with the Essiac Tea. Read about it here:

      Best of luck to you. I will hold many positive thoughts for Heidi as well.

      • Hi Sue,
        When I found out about Heidi’s cancer I found a wonderful book called “Natural Health for dogs & cats” by Dr. Pitcairn’s, it has a tremendous amount of homeopathic remedies in it and what to feed your pets with or without cancer. He states to feed as much raw veggies as possible and to use one of the 3 different type recipes that is for animals with cancer. Also there is a wonderful healthy powder that contains nutritional yeast (vitamin B, iron & other nutrients), lecithin (linoleic acid, choline, & inositol, which helps your animal emulsify & absorb fats, improving the condition of their coat & digestion), kelp (for iodine and trace minerals), and bone meal (calcium); it also states to add 1000 mg of vitamin C to the food at the time of feeding which helps with the immune system and any allergies your animal may have. We also give her vitamin B complex, along with Essiac tea twice a day; I have known about Essiac tea for quite some time, I use to sell the ingredients for Essiac tea so I have tons of it… Heidi goes back in to the vet’s office next week to have a new ultrasound done on her bladder to see if the tumor has decreased in size. I’m hoping that it has, but I can’t wait until I receive the B-17 and apricot seeds. I’ve heard wonderful things about both of them. I’ll keep in touch and let you know how things are progressing after we see the vet. Keep good thoughts for us, thanks for all your input 

  6. Thanks for the information on that book. I’m going to look for that one and read it myself. There are a lot of different ways to treat cancer naturally, but the main idea that they all seem to agree on is diet, so you are definitely making a great difference for her. The best thing is to have as much information about all the different ways as possible, I think.

    I’m mostly happy that she’s eating what you are feeding her. If Bart didn’t like his food, I don’t know what I would do. Fortunately with dogs, we can pretty much get them to eat anything. Cats are a different story. I have 3 cats and they are all cancer free, but I am curious on what one would do about making a cat eat a cancer diet if it turned it’s nose up to it. I guess you’d have to almost liquify the food, swaddle him in a blanket and use a turkey baster to get it into him.

    • Hey sue,
      let me fix some wording I made mistakes on…
      Actually, not necessarily; in the book it tells different way to make the diet for cats to except and how to feed a cat properly so they will not be so finicky… cat are connivers so they need to go without food during the day, they have always had to hunt for their food so it made them hunger. Get the book, it will tell you everything you need to know. Take care and have a wonderful weekend…

      • Hey Sue,
        Great news, Heidi’s tumor has decreased in size in her bladder and on her lip. I received the apricot kernels on Friday and I’ve giving her 1, 3x a day. I’m still waiting on the B-17 tables however. I’m so excited that the tumors are shrinking in size. I have to say, I agree with you about the Essiac Tea; I really do believe it’s what’s making the difference. I have put together a holistic dog food recipe with high vitamin B-17 in it for people who have dogs with cancer. If your interested I’ll be more then happy to share. I’m hoping for a complete remission on her cancer if at all possible. Of course my vet said not to get to excited yet, she has never seen an animal go into a complete remission with cancer. So how’s Bart doing? I he still very active and playful? Talk with you soon…

      • Oh that’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you and Heidi! I would totally appreciate the recipe, would you mind if I share it on the blog? And yes, Bart is still doing well. He loves to eat and loves to play. Two very good signs.

      • Hi Sue,
        Yes, I would be glad to share the recipe; however, I’m not home I’m @ work so I’ll have to do it tonight when I get home. Also what is your blog address? I would love to partisapate.

      • Hi Lori-
        You can go to or I’ve been working on a new site that I plan to put a forum on when I figure out how exactly to do that. It has more personal writings on it about my journey through this process, and I plan to get a podcast going to interview people on their own experiences, as well as doctors and other experts. Maybe you and I can schedule a call when I get that going too. It’s called

      • That would be so cool. I can’t wait to check out your sights, and explore all the different ideas and suggestions you have. I would love to help spread the news on how to help with curing canine cancer. I have all different kinds of homeopathic remedies… talk with you soon, I’ll be on line late tonight.

      • Here’s a picture of Heidi, she’s being lazy and will not give me a good pix
        well, I guess I can’t drop in a pix for you to see. So maybe some other time I can put on of Heidi on where everyone can see her. Take care

      • Hi Lori-
        I sent you an email letting you know I made you a contributor on the blog. You can post about Heidi’s diet, share her pics and videos if you have them and anything else you think is relevant and others need to know when they are fighting canine cancer naturally.

        I do want to ask that you post this disclaimer when giving advice:
        “Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor nor do I make any claims for cures. For educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the United States. Consult the healer of your choice for medical care and advice.”

        and please never use the word “cure” as a description of anything you recommend. It is a serious legal necessity in this day and age that we make these statements. Thanks so much for your input!

      • Hi Sue,
        Where do you live? I’m in So. Oregon and Yes, I agree about the disclaimer, If I did use the word cure, I due apologize. I do have other stuff I would like to post, but I would feel better if you read them over and placed them where you think they would fit the best on your sight. I hope I didn’t make you feel like I was intruding in on your website. I just got so excited about what you have accomplished that I wanted to help as much as possible. Let me know what you think 🙂

      • I don’t recall you using the word “cure,” I just read some news story about a guy who kept a blog about some new healthy diet, and he said it “cured” diabetes, and he was arrested – facing prison time. Yikes! And I am really excited to know another person who can share her experiences on the site too. I felt no pressure at all! I think we are both on the same page. I can review your posts if you prefer, no worries oh and no pressure to add posts either. Only do it if you feel compelled and have the time. It can be a chore if you don’t approach it casually. So If you want I can copy and paste your recipe as your first contribution, and then it’s totally up to you how and when you add info. I’m really just excited to have another person who thinks like I do about this difficult situation. Oh and I’m in Chicago.

      • Very nice, thank you Sue… I have posted the recipe to your website, but I think I would like to add some disclaimers to that. If you could go in a clean it up that would be great, but I will do it if you wish. I did want to add a list of veggies that dogs should not have at all and the veggies that need to be cooked before giving them to there dog. I’m still at work and I will not be able to get to it until 10pm tonight. Thanks for everything, keep in touch…

      • I liked the post about your recipe. I cleaned up a few things, but it really is fine. Don’t worry about getting to the blog. Like I said there is no rush and please do not feel obligated. I don’t get a lot of views each day yet. A lot of views on a given day at this point is like 20, and on average lately I get from 2 views to 7. So like I said, don’t tire yourself out on this. It takes time, and I’ve only been casually working on the blog for about four or five months. I might have to delete all of our back and forth conversation on here before we start getting more readers. 😉

      • Hi Sue and Lori,
        My 12 month old golden retriever has been diagnosed with a pediatric cancer called Nephroblastoma. Unfortuantely we don’t have the money to do the surgeries and chemo so I have been scouring the internet for holistic ways to keep him around as long as possible. The tumor is on his kidney but his stomach is very distended and I’m afraid it is spreading. I love reading your stories that give me hope. I tried to go to your blog, but it wouldn’t open ( Any other advice you can give would be much appreciated.
        Thanks so much,

      • Hi Steph-
        I’m sorry your are experiencing this with your puppy. Wow, 12 months old. I guess human kids get cancer too, so even though it is hard to fathom, I suppose I can try to wrap my head around that. I checked on the other site, and I had trouble getting it to open too. But after a few minutes of looking up where I might find support from the host, it finally loaded. Thank you for letting me know it was not working.

        I’m not sure how I could help you beyond suggesting the diet, essiac tea, B17 and other supplements, but if you have questions for me, I will do my best to find the answers. Also make sure your environment is free of toxins, and be strict about what your pup can and can’t eat. No breads, grains or sugars. Let me know if there’s anything else.


  7. Dear Sue, I absolutely give up on trying to sign up for a WordPress blog. For some reason every time I put in my username and password it would kick me out. I think I’ll have my husband help me out on this. Sorry for all the delays

    • Don’t worry. I haven’t had a chance to try a test on a different email to see what you might be dealing with. I’ll figure it out soon. Thanks for trying though. Also sorry you’ve been losing time in the process.

  8. Another alternative adjunct that does not interfere with any medications or therapies is a homeopathic remedy called “carcinosinum”. It requires an RX from your vet but is very very helpful. It will not harm your pet.

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  10. Thank you for such a quick response! I tried the website again and it just took awhile to load this time. What a great site with so much helpful information. Thank you so much. I am stariting my research but will probably have some questions along the way. Truly appreciate the support!

  11. How is Bart doing now a year later? I just received my apricot kernels for my 40lb border collie. Waiting for the Carnivora extract. Is one kernel twice a day a good amount?

    • Hi Christy. He is doing very well and it has been two years now. He had a chiropractic appointment today and the Dr. said he’s adjusting easily and well, so he’s great on all fronts. I believe the apricot power website suggests that one kernel per 10 pounds is ideal. You can check out their FAQ page here:
      We give Bart 2 kernels three times a day. He’s around 65lbs. I also give him a 100mg B17 tablet three times daily.
      I wish you great success with your dog. Remember to keep positive.

  12. Just ordered the B17, carnivora and Essiac tea. We cooked up some chicken breast and ground beef with broccoli, green beans and carrots.

    I’ll let you know the results.
    If it works it will be a miracle!
    Our Border collie is 7. We just got the bad news yesterday. X-ray shows in lungs. Blood work not good. Looks like it’s in bones too. Still wanting to play and eating ok.

    • As long as your dog wants to eat and play, you can be assured that she’s in good spirits, which matters a lot. Good luck, and keep giving your dog what he or she wants.

      • Keep the alkalinity high! Chicken and a few veggies but no grains together. Chicken is the only alkalizing meat. No dairy at all. No eggs as they are acidifying. Grains can be fed, but separate from meat several hours after. It takes different enzymes for people and animals to digest meat, legumes, grains, dairy, so don’t combine in one meal! See Gersen Therapy. No peanut product as peanuts are massively acidifying. Grains are heavily GMO’d except for the ancient ones like kamut, spelt and quinoa.

  13. HI
    can anyone let me how much B17 (tablet form) is safe on my 17 kilo staffy who is 14 and has a penile cancer tumor. I have had him on apricot kernals 4 per day, the Budwig protacol (quark and flaxseed oil) and changed his diet to fresh cooked veg and raw organic meat for the past 7 years. He was first diagnosed with testicular cancer 8 yrs ago. I stupidly had it removed and of course it metastasised and soon a tumor the size of a golf ball turned up in his bladder. We managed to get rid of it much to the vets surprise, with the above mentioned things. Since moving interstate he has been back on non organic meat because I cant find an alternative where we live. He has been on this for 5 mths now and I suspect this is how things have come back. We also couldnt source apricot kernels for 3 mths due to shortages. I have the B17 sitting here waiting to go but I cant find info on how much is safe without being toxic….any help would be great! Thanks :)…katy

    • Hi Katy-

      I don’t think removing the cancer could be considered stupid, especially when you say he’s survived for 8 years. That is amazing. You did great! Anyway, 17 Kilos is what, roughly 37.5 pounds? Bart weighs 65 pounds or 29.5 kilos and I give him 300mg of B17 daily and he does just fine. You could give your dog 150mg to 200mg of the B17 spread out over the day – I would say start with the lower amount and work your way up if you have to. I am not a doctor so I am only basing this on how much my dog takes. I hope this helps. And I use to get my apricot seeds and B17. They are based out of California in the states, so I’m not sure if they are feasible for where you are, but just in case, they are a very reliable resource.

  14. Hey Sue
    Thanks so much for your help! …I got the B17 tablets from Cytopharma which is part of the Conteras Cancer clinic in US. The tables are 500mg so I was thinking I might try him on a 1/4 tablet once a day for a few then gradually increase it.Ill have a look at your suggested site too. Thanks again

  15. My dog has lymphoma, a cancer. She has bee given a week or so to live. She has been given steroids over the last 10 days but i have since heard about bitter apricot kerrnels and have bought some. i want to start her with the apricot kernnels as soon as possible. Do you know if i can give them to her whilst she is taking the steroids because im afraid there won’t be enough time to wean her of the prednisolone first.Hope you can please help me. Thankyou. Amanda.

    • Amanda I’m so sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I have been on vacation visiting my parents. I found this, which you may find helpful to read. I can’t say for sure how the B17 and the steroids will combine. I’m just a layman, but this site has really promising info.

  16. I lost one of my dogs 2 yrs ago from an exceptionally aggressive and rare cancer. In her last 2 weeks I gave her a small amount of apricot kernels. If I had my time over with the limited time she had I would not have gone so easy. I cant advise what to do because Im not a vet but I use B17 on both my dogs now and I also used B17 to cure my own cancer. I wouldnt wait,…but thats just me personally.
    The other excellent treatment that I get awesome results with my dogs is the Budwig protocol….Organic Quark and flaxseed. In your dogs case Id get 2-3 small containers of it into her a day…..starting immediately. Good luck and be brave 🙂

  17. Also I noticed xylitol mentioned in the Budwig Protocol. Do not use XYLITOL in your dog’s food. It is okay for a human but extremely toxic to dogs. I’m not sure about Stevia for dogs:

    Ive never used Xylitol…all is use is quark and flaxseed 🙂
    Good luck Amanda! 🙂

  18. Thanku!! This menu nd ingredients looks brilliant…. Helped me do my own research aswel! The vets basicallyjust sed no different diet needed!!!!! Clearly don’t have a clue!!!!
    Thanku sooooooon much x

  19. Hi – I have been looking online for the past week or so browsing recipes for dogs with Cancer

    Our story – My Pitbull Apollo had his first mast cell tumor 2 years ago. I had it removed and 7months later I had another removed. In November 2013 started noticing multiple bumps on his neck and body. My vet informed me that since the mast cell tumors are no longer isolated, I had 2 choices: .put him on Palladia (which is $650+ a month) or just let him live a happy life until he longer can. So I started a donation site to raise money for his medication.

    In this process I learned that raising this much money was probably not feasible, so I went to a vet that practiced Eastern and Western medicine. He provided us with Huang Lian/Coptis (topical) for his raw tumors. In addition to Wei Qi Booster, Stasis Breaker, Benedryl and Pepsid AC. He also suggested I put him on a natural diet, but suggested for me to obtain a diet from their dietitian which would cost an additional $300. I said I would hold off and have been looking online for the past week or so and I really cant find anything consistent. I noticed some of your recipes, but it was a lot of supplements. I have slowly been trying to ween him off his dry food. So far I have been feeding him a mixture of his dry food (until its gone) and the below:

    Ground beef and or chicken
    Sweet Potato

    Is this diet sufficient, what else would you recommend to add or change?

    Alexis & Apollo

    • Hi Alexis-

      I would think that those ingredients are quite good. I have been reticent about giving Bart sweet potato -or potato of any kind- because it is so high in starch, which turns to sugar in the body. Sugar causes a release of excess insulin which plays a role in feeding cancer cells. (I am not a doctor, but this is something I have read multiple times over from medical sights and literature.)
      I have also read that dry dog food, of any quality is something that needs to be eliminated from the diet of a dog with cancer. Grains are highly advised against. I guess they play a role in feeding cancer cells as well, but if it is grain free it might not be as detrimental. I don’t know that for sure.

      What I feed Bart is a blend of cancer fighting veggies, and I mix them with meat. The supplements are to be sure he gets everything he needs nutritionally that I might not be able to ensure is in his homemade diet.
      I make a batch of food that lasts about 5 to 6 days and he eats 3 meals daily.

      Let me know if this helps at all.

      Blessings to you and Apollo.

  20. I got all my anti cancer dietary suggestions from a book written by a wonderful old herbalist……..
    I agree with the comment above…cancer fighting veggies…multi colour in the bowl is good!
    I cook every few days for my dogs…loads of veggies like parsnip, turnip, carrot, yellow squash, zuccini, chokoe and broccoli. Then I blend up some watercress, kale, a little garlic and water and pour it over the food. I have cut their meat right down but feel they do need it because they are dogs, so they have uncooked organic beef offcuts. In the morning they have quark and flaxseed oil (Budwig protocal) .They are both extremely happy and healthy 🙂
    Good luck with Apollo

    ps…no wind making veggies if you can help it eg peas and cauliflower and they can give dogs a belly ache

  21. I just ran across these two links last night on dog cancer. Cancer cells produce histamine which causes your dog to produce more stomach acid which causes stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea and lack of appetite. Exactly what my girl has been experiencing. Several dog owners are using a combination of benadryl and tagament to treat this. I read two studies that show that tagament has anti-cancer properties. As soon as I read that I ran out to buy both and gave them to my girl, who I have been syringe feeding for the last 3 days. I usually have to carry her out of bed in the morning but this morning she was up on her own and raring to eat. I couldn’t believe it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
    The dog cancer blog also has a cancer diet recipe that can be downloaded. I’ll be making my baby’s food from now on.

  22. Hi,
    My 6yr English staffy just got 2 lumps removed off his scrotum, the results came back saying they were aggressive grade 2 mast cell tumours with a survival time of less then 5 months. We went to a specialist, he had an ultrasound done, blood work and urine also aspirations done to other little lumps on his body. All tests came back clear but they want to start chemo ASAP. I’m reluctant to start chemo at this stage as his not sick and I’ve red so much positive things about a holistic diet approach.. I’ve completely changed his diet in the last 3 days, no more can food and kibble.
    For breakfast he gets a boiled egg and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Lunch he gets mixed veggies- carrots, broccoli, spinach. With sardines or pork back fat.
    And for dinner he gets the same mix as lunch but I mix in rosé hip vital canine as he has arthritis. Tomorrow I’ll be buying chicken and beef to add to his diet along with other veggies. I’m waiting on tablets K9 immunity and artimix to arrive then j will be startinv him on then.
    Is there anything else you could recommend I feed him? Thanks so much for your time

      1. Hello Sue Anne. I’m so sorry to hear about your Thor. If you go to this link: I have hyperlinked all of the sources I personally use to order Bart’s Carnivora, apricot seeds (B17) and Essiac. Each of these words are underlined, which means if you click on them, they will take you right to the pages I order from. They are only suggestions. There are plenty of other resources out there, but I have been ordering Bart’s Carnivora, B17, and Essiac from each of these stores since the beginning of Bart’s treatment. I think this is what you are hoping for.
    • Also, I order the carnivora in liquid form. Bart stopped drinking water from his bowl after he came home from the surgery, and so in order to give him the proper dose I use a shot glass and eye dropper. This is how we do it, I drop 3 drops of Carnivora into the shot glass, then I take another eye dropper and put a little water in it, squirt that into the shot glass with the Carnivora drops, and let the water and Carnivora mix a bit. Then I suck it back up into the eyedropper and squirt that into Bart’s mouth. We used to do this 4 times a day, we reduced it to 3 times a day after two years. The Carnivora will come with an instructional sheet, and I believe they advise you start out with a lower dose and build up to an aggressive dose over time. But be sure to read the instructions before you start. I hope this all helps. My best advice is to find a holistic vet, and tell him or her what you are doing to treat Thor. Best of luck to you!

  23. Essiac Tea

    Vitamin B-17


    apricot kernels

    Would you help guide me through what to order?

    I want to help my Thor and his bother Boji. Both are Goldens.

  24. My 9 yr female Brittany has man miry cancer. I would like to try alternative methods as I an uncertain surgery is the answer.
    What foods r using in ur mixture? U don’t say and I would like to try the mix.
    I want to do what’s best for her. Vet says to have operation. Friends say I shouldn’t as so many cancer patients die after surgery as it spreads.

    Thanks for ur help


    • Hi Pam. It is a difficult decision to make. Just remember for piece of mind, there is no right or wrong choice. I am aware of the same concerns about surgery and cancer spreading. Bart had surgery and fortunately he is doing fine today – his tumor ruptured in his gut so we didn’t have a choice in the matter.
      Follow this link, it details every ingredient I use in Bart’s diet.
      Best of luck to you and Brittany.

      • How much Essiac tea do you give at a time? I gave my dog 2 oz tonight with some homemade chicken broth. I boiled 2 eggs with the chicken for the trace calcium. My dog Sandy has a large mass in her abdomen that they say appears to have metastasized to her lungs. She’s having surgery to remove the mass tomorrow.

  25. I am so happy I stumbled upon this! My dog Cash is only 6 years old and has been diagnosed as having TCC (transitional cell carcinoma). I just got the call last week and I have 3 options – Chemo, which they say cold prolong him for 1-2 years, and at home anti-inflammatory drug OR nothing. He had a tumor removed and it was the only one in existence. So even though his body is tumor free, they say that it is an invasive cancer that is in his blood stream. Now it’s a waiting and guessing game as to when/if any tumors will come back and where.

    My first step has been research and I’ve decided that changing his diet is something that needs to happen. I’m still hold onto hope!

    This is the first site I’ve come across that actually has spelled out what a typical day/menu looks like. My Cash is a very good eater so I think what you’ve laid out will work for me and my family.

    I see that you are feeding him three times a day. Due to our work schedules this isn’t possible. Do you have any suggestions to a twice a day feeding schedule? How would you work in the tea?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Nichole-
      Bart’s situation is much like Cash’s. He had the only existing tumor removed completely too. I think in that respect, we are lucky. Maybe the best way to feed him on a twice daily schedule would be to divide up the amounts of food and supplements so that he gets 1 and a half, twice daily. So for Bart, who is about 65lbs., if we were to do a twice daily regimen we would give him his breakfast with the supplements + another half of the amount of the food. Then at dinner, I would probably do the same food-wise and include his lunchtime pro-biotic. For the tea, it is advised to just get it into their system one way or another. You might choose to just mix it in with both meals. They say it can cause tummy upset if not taken on an empty stomach, but I have never seen Bart act as if his stomach is upset from the tea. Sometimes our schedule makes it so we can’t give an hour buffer around his meals and tea, so we make it 45 minutes or less between tea and meals.

      I hope this helps.

      • Thank you so much for the reply! We are on our second batch of food and he’s eating like a King. We just saw the oncologist yesterday so we’ll be adding supplements into the mix for him soon. I also just ordered the tea today so I’ll be starting him on that too.

        We still haven’t made our decision on the chemo so for now we are just giving him a daily anti-inflammatory. I’m still holding onto hope that we don’t see a tumor back in his body anytime soon or ever.

  26. Sue, I read on a separate post of yours a snippet that said (People using diet to fight cancer, must eliminate all meat and dairy from their diet. Dr. Leonard Coldwell details this in his book, The Only Answer to Cancer.)

    Can you elaborate? We were under the impression based on the diets listed on this page that meat and certain dairies were ok. Please let us know. Thank you

    • Hi John-

      I am sorry I didn’t see your comment until today. Dogs need meat in their diet, people do not. But I was strongly advised by my vet that meat was crucial to my dog’s good health, and so far, 3 years later it appears to be true for him.

  27. Hi Sue, your blog is amazing! I want to share my current situation with your readers as I know how hard it is to find sources of information on what pet owners are doing to help their pets with Cancer. My Bullmastiff boy, Luka was diagnosed with Histiocytic Sarcoma a month ago. He has had arthritis in his leg joint for a few years now but his limp recently got worse and his joint was swollen. Then I noticed a lump (size of a tennis ball) pop out on his chest. I took him to the vet the same day where we did a biopsy and that’s when he was diagnosed with Histiocytic Sarcoma in the lymph node. We also found out that he has it on the joint as well. We were going to go ahead with radiation as it was localized, but during his CT Scan, they found tiny growths in his lungs as well, the largest being less than 3 millimeters in diameter. The oncologist suggested we switch to Chemo instead of radiation which might buy him 3 to 6 months. In the meantime, I have done a lot of research and started him on Dr. Budwig protocol right away which he has been on for almost a month now. I also cook all of his food and took him off of all kibble and canned foods. The lymph node is half the size now and he stopped limping. He runs around with our Doberman and doesn’t seem to be in any pain. Here is the diet that I currently have him on which is very similar to yours:

    – 2 stocks of Broccoli
    – 4 large carrots
    – half medium size cauliflower
    – 4 lbs of Chicken Gizzards or Chicken Livers
    – 2 Soup bones with meat on them
    – 4 cloves of Garlic
    (This feeds both of them for 2 days – 4 meals total for 2 large breed dogs)

    I cook the bones to ensure the bone marrow is part of the soup base for about 45 min. I chop all vegetables and cook everything in Distilled Water (we live on an acreage and have well water so I am eliminating all possible contaminants). I also cook them salmon or halibut, chicken breasts and give it to them as treats and use the fish skin to wrap their vitamins.

    I give him 3 tablespoons of cold pressed, organic flaxseed oil mixed in with 6 tablespoons of 1% Cottage Cheese (Liberte brand as it’s non homogenized). I mix the cottage cheese with the flaxseed oil with a fork to ensure it’s all blended together and feed it to them before the meals so it gets absorbed on an empty stomach. I also squirt liquid Phytoplankton (from Natural Health Food Store) – adult dose to the mixture, but don’t mix it in. They seem to love it.

    As for vitamins:
    – Vitamin E
    – Vitamin Ester C (instead of Vitamin C as dogs naturally produce vitamin C so additional Vitamin C will cause kidney stones)
    – Glucosamine
    – Krill Oil

    He is also on Deramax (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory) for joint swelling and Gapapentin for pain but I have been giving him half the dose of what was originally recommended by the vet and he’s been on those for over a year now.

    After reading your protocol and doing some research, I will add B17, Carnivora and Essiac Tea to his diet as well. I will keep you posted on his progress. Thanks again for all of the great information!

    • Hi Anna! I love this! I am assuming that since you said you would like to share this with my readers you won’t mind if I make this into a main page post. I am going to copy and paste it so people who come to the blog can see that diet isn’t only working for Bart, but it is a universal that can really help other dogs facing a bleak diagnosis. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and everyone who comes to this blog! Congratulations for such a wonderful success. We are now dealing with joint issues. I was looking into injectable glucosamine, but it is about $70 a dose which is not really feasible right now, so I’ve gone to the next best thing, an oral liquid glucosamine. I will update as to how it goes over time. Still waiting for it to come in the mail.

      • Thank you for the reply. Please go ahead and share my posts. As for the joint issue, the glucosamine (500mg) I give Luka is combined with Chondroitin Sulfate (400mg) and Bromelain (100mg) That’s what was recommended by my vet. I give him 2 capsules daily with food. I also tried costly injections but that didn’t work. Neither did Lazer therapy, although it did work great for my Doberman’s back issue. I think her back issue was more of a pinched nerve though. Hope that helps.

  28. Hi,

    I too have had great success with my boy and his diet. Bear was diagnosed with mast cell grade 3 cancer 11 months ago, they wanted to start chenmo ASAP. They said chemo would give him 1-2years but with no chemo they gave him 3-5 months max! He wasn’t showing signs of sickness so I thought why risk him getting sick from chemo. So I completely changed his diet.
    When he wakes up he has 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese with 1 tablespoon flaxseed, then he will have 3 k9 immunity chews. After we walk its more cottage cheese n flaxseed oil. For lunch he gets boiled vegies with flaxseed oil, fossil flour and flaxseed powder mixed, 2 apricot kernals and organic free range chicken with tumeric, garlic and ginger. When I get home from work he has cottage cheese and flaxseed oil again, then an hour later he has dinner which is the vegies and chicken again.
    So here we are 11 months on and his doing great, he has so much energy on our 4km walks he overtakes my other dog, you wouldn’t think he was the one battling cancer.
    Also this night help you sue! He was suffering from arthritis for about 2 years. After long walks he would limp for 1-2 days. I was getting him injections every 2nd week but didn’t really see much difference. I then tried chews which did help a little. But then I found tumeric! I add fresh tumeric and also powder tumeric to his main meals. Now no limps at all and I think it’s thanks to the tumeric. Maybe you could give that a try also google it?
    Sorry this is so long


    • No reason to apologize for the length! Thanks so much for sharing! I will share your success story tomorrow. This is wonderful. I love hearing other people’s success stories. I do use turmeric in Bart’s food but I think I am too sparing with it. I have been increasing his daily dose by sprinkling some in his eggs at night, but I will start adding a little more to every meal. I think I read he should get about 1 and 1/2 teaspoons daily according to his weight, but I am not 100% positive that I am accurately remembering that. I will look it up again and begin adding it to his meals. Thank you for sharing, Kylie!

  29. Pingback: 3 Reasons to consider treating your dog’s cancer through a whole foods diet. | Dogg Eared

  30. I need some help and advice. PLEASE! Our 12 year old doby was diagnosed with cancer a year ago (wish I would have known about all this sooner) she has been on chemo and had several surgerys to remove various tumors. Her latest one being last month. Just this past Monday we were given the devastating news that the cancer has spread and has now reached her lymphnodes. They give her 4-5 months. I was given the apricot seeds and b-17 but have no idea how to give it to her or how much. Can someone please help. Please feel free to email me at (email removed to protect her privacy)

  31. Last month, I rushed my chihuahua mix to the ER because he’d been urinating blood and was unable to hold up his head. He’d been to the neurologist in previous months and had been diagnosed with arthritis after limping for about one month. His Amstaff sister would constantly smell his male region for months and I mentioned this to my regular vet who made a joke about it and dismissed it. The ER surgeon told us that my dog needed to have a splenectomy and the cardiologist had diagnosed him with chronic heart disease. Biopsy results a week later proved he has Stage 3 sarcoma and the prognosis was guarded to poor.
    He’s had one chemo session and a total of three have been recommended. I REALLY don’t want him to have it but don’t know what info to trust. I go to a pet store that only carries grain free foods (he now eats canned foods after getting off a raw diet) and they recommended fermented goats milk. I’ve found two pea-sized lumps on his rib cage and have been hoping the gm will reduce it (as studies have suggested.) He gets his meds with goat cheese and I am giving him omega 3. He’s on meds for his heart and arthritis and is back to his spirited self but is still lame.
    I am open to any recommendations on treatments or diets if it is a better alternative to the chemotherapy and will prolong and preserve his quality of life.


    • Hi cts- I don’t need to tell you that you have a laundry list of issues to deal with. I am so sorry your vet seemed to be pretty obstinate about your dog’s health. I hope you have other vets you could consider within your vicinity. I wish I could offer you recommendations, but I really can’t. I think with all that your chihuahua mix has going on, you would be better off if you could find a new doctor who has an in depth education in animal nutrition. You may want to check a couple of these links out, but it would be best if you had a professional to guide you. These are links from my website
      Here are a few things about turmeric:
      Golden Paste recipe –
      And enzymes are really beneficial to the body and fighting cancer:
      Good luck and I hope your poor little pup improves.

  32. Thanks, Sue. I’ve already started to investigate different vets and will check out the links you’ve provided. I am transitioning both of my dogs to the WF diet and hoping for success. I’ll keep you posted.

  33. Hi there, I’m very happy I came across your post. I’ve read the Crazy Sexy Diet Book by Chris Carr which talks about the natural lifestyle for humans and her fight with cancer.
    We just found out today, our 9 yr old lab has lymphoma. Early stages. We don’t know if it has spread but do you think trying this diet out will help? It’s just just a tumor it’s her entire lymphatics system.
    Thank you for your time

    • Hi Janice-

      I’m so sorry to hear about your dog’s diagnosis. I do believe diet is important in the fight against cancer. There are several alternatives to chemo and radiation, all of which work best with a cancer fighting diet. Check out my recipe here:
      I actually keep the site updated fairly regularly. Also, I will be posting about this on my regular site, but you can look into artemisinin for canine cancer as well as Golden Paste and turmeric. Google those terms and you will find a wealth of helpful information.

      Best of luck to you.

  34. Hello,

    I am so happy I came across your site!!! My dog Dozer (11yrs old) was just diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. We have an option of surgery but there is no guarantee. I am going to order the supplements you recommend. Should I cut out the broccoli, cauliflower since it says it could cause thyroid problems? Thank you again for taking the time to put this site together and inform us of other cancer fighting options for our beloved pets!!!

  35. Hi
    My pitbull has been diagnosed with cancer osteotoma? Or other? Bone and connective tissue. I recently purchased high grade high quality apricot kernel oil from a known source using it to help treat cancer. I have been reading everything about seeds but not the actual
    Kernel oil itself. Is this different?
    Not able to determine dosage, would you know?
    I was also advised of medical grade sodium bicarbonate diluted in filtered water. Do you know or have any thoughts of this?
    Thank you

    • Hi Dolores-
      I’m so sorry to hear about your dog’s diagnosis. I honestly have no insight to share on the kernel oil. I’ve never heard anything about it. I have heard of the sodium bicarbonate. I never tried either of those things with my dog Bart. So, I really don’t know what to tell you. I wish you the best of luck on your search, and I hope your pup comes through this diagnosis in the best way possible.

      All my best,

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