Bart is back from vacation

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI’m happy to report all is still very well in our world. We just got back from visiting my parents for the holidays and I took some cute pictures of him have a great time where the weather was pretty amazing. We were in Tennessee this past week and couldn’t have asked for a better climate, especially since we left Chicago during a big snow storm.
Here he is enjoying a game of ball. Basically he chased the ball a while and then proceeded to give it all he had to pop it. New balls are just so annoying when they are still full of air.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAHere is is punishing the new ball with fierce concentration. We had a great trip, but missed our kitties terribly. Fortunately they were as happy to have us home as we are to be home.

Happy Holidays to everyone reading this post. I hope you find great success in treating your pets naturally should you need any.
Love from Bart!

Noni in capsule form!

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 3.01.02 PMRecently, our local health food store changed the brand of Noni Juice they were carrying, and the price escalated to a whopping $38.00 for 32oz. If you are treating your pooch with the same kind of regimen we are, you know that it can get a little pricey, especially if you have a larger dog. Bart weighs upwards of 65lbs these days. Well, I was resigned to suck it up and continue to purchase the juice from the same store, after all, they always have it in stock when I need it. But a few days before we were about to run out of our supply, I looked at an advertisement slip that came in my recent order from Apricot Power, the company that sells the B17 and Apricot Seeds we give Bart, and I discovered that they sell Noni in capsules! The capsules are 450 milligrams, at 90 per bottle, and the cost is $15.96 on sale from $19.95! That dose is way higher than what we’ve been giving Bart on a daily basis, so we decided we could give him 1/2  a capsule every day and save a ton of money in the process! This is going to last us for six months! We purchased a bottle on Saturday and I just got a notice that it shipped today. I will keep you all posted on how he does on the new form of Noni.

Life is showing me every day that this really is a very kind universe!

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