My new favorite chopping tool!

It has been a while since I  have updated the blog. Bart is still thriving and it is near the two year mark! We have begun chiropractic treatments for arthritis in the spine and I really see a profound difference in how he walks after the adjustment. This is good stuff, this chiropractic care!

I wanted to add a new entry to share about my new favorite tool for chopping and preparing Bart’s vegetables. I bought the Ninja Professional Stackable Chopper with 6 16oz Bowls and Lids – NJ1006 30 at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $40. It is fantastic! I don’t have a lot of room to store a large food processor, so this compact machine fits perfectly in my cabinets. It is super fast and very powerful. I’m really happy with it so far, so I highly recommend that purchase. I hope it lasts longer than my last chopper.  I got the old one as an X-mas present from my mom and dad, so I was sad when it broke because it was pretty nice, but the Ninja took care of that sorrow really fast.


So much has happened in our lives since my last post, but the most important thing is that Bart is still doing so well. He still loves his food, and we’re still enjoying trips to the beach and the woods. That I can say is the one thing that hasn’t seen much change over the past several months, thank goodness.

I hope these blog posts help you and your dog should you need any. I’ve been busy, but I will try to keep updating more often. I am also taking a 30 day fast from facebook, but that is almost over.  If you had posted any questions there, I apologize for not getting back to you right away. My settings are such that I should get an email notification for every message, but just in case any slipped through the cracks, now you know why and I apologize if they did.