Financial Help For Dealing With Your Pet’s Cancer Treatments

If there’s one thing we all share in common in the tragic discovery of our pets’ cancers, it is expensive vet bills. The great thing is, there is help out there, and there are quite a few great resources at that. Some of them only offer assistance when chemo or radiation therapy is involved, but there are others like IMOM that offer assistance when the case is simply an emergency situation. Be mindful not to put off applying for many of these until after the smoke clears. Unfortunately, many of these require that you apply before your pet goes into surgery and or other treatments or within 7 days. I know it’s hard, but I guess it is one way to keep the numbers of people who would otherwise apply for assistance to a lower number. As soon as you find out about your pet’s illness, get online and find a fund that you meet the requirements for. Perhaps you could ask a family member or friend to take care of this task for you while you are going through the initial shock of the new diagnosis.

Below is a list of several assistance funds I have found:

Canine Cancer Awareness Fund
 The Pet Fund
Ashley’s Angel Fund
The Magic Bullet Fund
Picasso Veterinary Fund NYC
The Acme Foundation – The Acme Foundation support to qualified low income senior citizens, the disabled in Lake County, California with Clearlake Veterinary Clinic only.
Labrador Harbor – California
Frankie’s Friends Hope Fund
Companion Animal Foundation – Rhode Island
Brown Dog – TN
Fetch A Cure – Virginia
The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund
Land of Pure Gold –  Must be working dogs
Red Rover

If you aren’t eligible for any of these options, there are other possibilities for funding. Find out if your veterinary clinic accepts and offers the Care Credit option. This is a credit card that may offer you 0% financing for a limited amount of time, but that option was very helpful for my partner and I. We couldn’t have saved our baby without it.

The Magic Bullet Fund has some great advice too:

If you have other foundations to add to this list, please hit the reply link below, and let us all know about them. I will update the page for every valid link that comes in.

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Fluoride and the Health of Your Pet

So we’ve all been told that we need fluoride in our water so that we can have healthy teeth and gums, but did you know that fluoride is actually a waste product from the production of aluminum? It is considered so toxic that as it is produced and collected, it is contained in tanks that are riddled with markers stating the contents are extremely toxic. Workers who collect the fluoride must wear has-mat suits and total head covering masks with superior filters to ensure they do not come in contact with any fluoride or they risk fluoride poisoning, which is excruciating and lethal.  The truth about whether or not fluoride is good for our teeth and gums has been hotly debated, and studies are showing there are far greater risks to our health and mental clarity by taking fluoride into our bodies. Fluoride was put in the water given to the Jews in Nazi Germany concentration camps because it was well known by scientists that it rendered a population docile and easy to control. It also calcifies the pineal gland, the almond shaped organ in the brain believed to be connected with intuition and psychic sight. It damages tissue, and is very hard on the bones and joints.

When fluoride is added to our water, it is deemed safe because it is only added in small parts per millions of gallons of water, but safe for whom? Is it calculated to be safe for a 250lb adult male? What about women and children? Think about how we would never give the same dose of a medicine or drug to a child as a full grown adult. Why is it different in the case of fluoride which should be viewed and administered with the same care and caution as potentially toxic drugs? Is it not a pharmaceutical drug being dumped into our water?

What about our small animal companions? How many parts per million is safe for their small frames and shorter lifespans? When a dog ages, the hips and joints are often the first areas of the body to reveal the aging process. Fluoride goes right into their joints, weakening them, causing inflammation and arthritis. When I first heard about this, I eliminated fluoridated water from what I give my pets. My dog has always had problems with his hips, and within one week’s time of giving him only fluoride free water – this is an absolute fact – his gate visibly improved immensely! He stopped his constant limping and returned to a healthy dog.

I found a great website detailing much of the issues we face as a population drinking fluoridated water, and I’m linking the page that discusses the effects on our animals’ health.  Studies have also linked fluoride to cancer.  I do recommend checking this out, and do your own research too.

Also see this article. Very important information:

What We All Need to Know About Vaccinations and Canine Cancer

  If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, you must never have your pet vaccinated again for the rest of his or her life. There are many, many reasons, but the main reason in simple terms is, it will destroy any chances of recovery from your dog’s cancer. Dr. Steven Eisen details this very well in his book, Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer, but I have loaned my copy to a friend whose dog was recently diagnosed with cancer, and well, I’m going to have to do my own digging to help explain to you why you must never vaccinate again for the rest of your pet’s life.

Read the rest of the article here:

New Contributor to Doggeared

I just added a new contributor to the Doggeared blog.  Her name is Lori and she has a dog named Heidi who is also eating an all natural diet to fight cancer. Since Lori and I have begun communicating through doggeared, Heidi’s tumors have decreased in size.  I hope Lori will tell us all about that in the future!