Get this book! Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer, A Step by Step Guide by Dr. Steven Eisen

This is my review of the book I blogged about earlier.

If you are serious about treating your dog alternatively for canine cancer, this is probably the best $25 or so, you will spend.  It is a comprehensive small book detailing everything you need to know from eliminating toxins from your home and your dog’s body and environment to a diet and supplement regimen.  The diet I am feeding my dog is a little different, but the principles are the same, meat and veggies plus supplementation.  I still recommend using the Essiac Tea personally, but I am not a doctor and the guy who wrote the book is.  Anyway, it’s small, easy to read and full of pertinent information.  Four stars! It’s a must have for canine cancer patients’ guardians.

The Amazon Link to Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer: A Step by Step Guide

Noni Juice update

So we’ve been giving Bart Noni Juice for about a week or so now and man do I think this stuff is affecting him in really positive ways.  He seems to be happier and more playful than he’s been in months.  He’s always been playful, but now, some days he’s almost like a puppy.  He also seems to have less stiffness and pain, which I attributed to his arthritis.  Really though, I have no real way of knowing what was causing him pain, all I do know is, his pain is definitely less today than two weeks ago.  I highly recommend doing your own research on Noni Juice.  Here’s a great resource to get you started. This website has some valuable information on the type of noni you should be looking for and the kind to avoid.

I’ve been buying mine at a local health food store for about $27 but I just saw it on Amazon for $16! The price might change depending on when you encounter this post. But as for today, May 11th 2012, it is $16 for 32oz. The one I have been using and trust is called Lakewood Organic, Noni Juice. Here is that link to Amazon: Lakewood Organic Pure Noni Juice 32 OZ